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When will the first Hybrid Minivan be sold in the United States?  Industry experts are speculating that it will be in 2008, and more than likely it will be introduced by none other than Toyota.  You can bet that when they finally get here, millions of soccer moms and families with more than 2.1 kids will be snatching them up.  Used hybrid minivans are also sure to be a big hit, so get ready for headlines like "Hybrid Minivans For Sale" coming to a newspaper classified ads section near you.

Since 2001, Toyota has been selling a hybrid mini van called the Estima in Japan, which is smaller than it's popular U.S. cousin - the Sienna.  The Toyota Estima was also redesigned in 2006 and reports indicate that even as a seven seat vehicle, it gets nearly 45 miles per gallon (US).  Based on the number of people searching for these green vans, the demand in North America is huge.  In addition, car rental companies and taxi cab services would likely add thousands of these hybrids to their fleets.
Hybrid Minivan

For domestic car manufacturers, the hybrid minivan represents an incredible opportunity to be first to market.  With the continued demand for the Sierra, Toyota hasn't been overly motivated to match their domination of hybrid cars (Prius) and suv's (Highlander) by rolling out a hybrid version of their minivans.   Bring on the Chrysler Town & Country hybrid, the Dodge Caravan hybrid, or even a Chevy or Ford version of these more fuel efficient family haulers.  Watch out for Honda as well, as rumors have started to circulate that a hybrid Odyssey could be in development.  Regardless of who wins this race, we're all winners when more hybrid transportation options are presented.  In addition, the preowned / used hybrid minivan market will be the next ripe opportunity.  Pick the fruit now.

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